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SPD technology / SPD glass


The SPD glass provides extraordinary comfort, as it enables to control amount of light, brightness, and, last but not least, the heat penetration through the glass area within a short time. Compared to the PDLC glass creating immediate privacy, the SDL glass are preferable in projects where the light penetration into objects needs to be minimalized in order a room become shadowed or cooled.


  • It eliminates the blind use
  • As clear, it maintains the view almost without any signs of glass fogging.
  • Low operating costs
  • It minimizes sun exposure and in offices, creates optimum environment for presentation.
  • User comfort
  • It reduces the cost of heating or cooling of rooms
  • Blocking of 99.9% of UV radiation
  • Wide range of use
  • Compared to conventional blinds, not so much dust particles adhere on glass and foils
  • Easy maintenance
  • Higher noise attenuation
  • Possibility to choose between dark and light shade

Use of the SPD technology:

  • Air, car transport
  • Interior and exterior separating partitions, walls, door
  • Outdoor roofing
  • Glazing of yachts and ships
  • Facades, windows and street door panelling – manufacture of insulating double or triple glazed units
  • Health-care facilities

Specification SPD glass

Visible light transmittance:- - As low as 99,96% light blockage
- - As high as 65% light transmission
UV blocking:- 99,9%
Solar control:- - Dark state:As high as 95% heat blockage
- Clear state:As high as 57% heat transmission
Switching time:- 1-3 second
Smoothly dimmable:- YES
Power consumption glass:- 19,35 mA/ m2
Maximum size:- - Length: No limitation, Width: Up to 1 meter ( larger widths available when film is seamed )
Shapes:- Any
Haze:- 5 %