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It is a final element of the PDLC technology. They are two laminated glass, between which the PDLC film is enclosed using a thermoset film. This design is characterized by high stability, scratch resistance, possibility of use in wet environments (on the level of protection IPX7), etc. The PDLC glass are assembled into double glazed units or triple glazed units, bullet-proof glass, bent glass and other special applications. In the case of single glazing, we are able to size the glass for outdoor use, even for exposure to the harsh equatorial sun and seawater resistance (glass supplied for the yacht glazing).


  • Privacy protection during a short moment
  • Aesthetics
  • Aesthetics
  • Easy optimization of control using remote controls, motion sensors, weather sensors, control through smart phones or tablets, fingerprint readers or connection to intelligent house management
  • User comfort
  • Blocking of 98% of UV radiation
  • The possibility of screening on glass using rear projection, the films only with the rear projection both in full HD or 4K resolution
  • Wide range of use
  • Compared to conventional blinds, not so much dust particles adhere on glass and foils as on conventional glass, therefore, they are very suitable for space with higher requirements on clean environment (operating theatres, hospitals ...)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Higher noise attenuation (see the table of noise attenuation) than glass of the same thickness or composition

Use of the PDLC glass:

  • Interior and exterior separating partitions, walls, door
  • Outdoor roofing
  • Areas with high humidity – PDLC glass with IPX7 protection
  • Partitions sliding manually and automatically
  • Walking floors
  • Facades, windows and street door panelling – manufacture of insulating double or triple glazed units
  • Health-care facilities
  • Hospitality and hotels
  • Business presentation – the possibility of projecting business presentations directly on the glass with
  • the use of glass as a touch area


  • Maximum size: 1,810 x 3,580 mm
  • Minimum size: 200 x 300 mm
  • Glass thickness: 7.5–25.5 mm, further, the glass is possible to produce as double glazed units or triple glazed units, bent glass, fire glass, bullet-proof glass, walking glass
  • Types of glass: clear, extra clear, colour-tinted, fire-protected, walking, bullet-proof, insulating
  • Processing: tempered, bent, cut-outs or holes, double or triple glazed units, arched glass, sanded glass, etc.

Technical specification:

Specification for PDLC glass – thickness 7,5 – 25,5 mm ( float glass and milk PDLC foil )
Light transmission of glazing ON82,6 %
OFF63,1 %
HazeON6,3 %
OFF80 %
Viewing angleONVíce jak 150 %
UV blockingOFF98 %
Operation voltageON75V, 1A
Switching time ON to OFFON>OFFDo 2 ms
Switching time OFF to ONOFF>ONDo 10 ms
Power consumptionON5W/ m2 (sqm)
Tolerance+- 1 mm
Operating temperature 0 – 50 C
Storage temperature-40 / + 60 C
LivetimeON More than 3.000.000 switching
Color PDLC foilMilk, gray, black

Sound control glass:

ThicknessComposition of glassSound control
3+3 mmTempered glass 3 mm float + EVASAFE foil + PDLC + EVASAFE foil + tempered glass 3 mm float35 dB
4+4 mmTempered glass 4 mm float + EVASAFE foil + PDLC + EVASAFE foil + tempered glass 4 mm float37 dB
5+5 mmTempered glass 5 mm float + EVASAFE foil + PDLC + EVASAFE foil + tempered glass 5 mm float38 db
6+6 mmTempered glass 6 mm float + EVASAFE foil + PDLC + EVASAFE foil + tempered glass 6 mm float40 dB
8+8 mmTempered glass 8 mm float + EVASAFE foil + PDLC + EVASAFE foil + tempered glass 8 mm float42 dB

After consultation we can within the final version that noise attenuation increase. For more information contact us.

Shapes glass:

  • regular shapes
  • triangles
  • circular design
  • rounded corners
  • irregular shapes with one or more beveled edges
  • with the holes in the glass surface
  • with the notches on the handle and hinges
  • special shapes

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