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It is an essential element of the PDLC technology. It is a film composed of two conductive ITO films, between which liquid crystal gel is enclosed. This film is intended for post-processing and laminating between two flat glasses or plexiglas.


  • Cutting of film into any shape
  • UV resistance

Use of the PDLC foils:

  • They are intended mainly for further processing.


  • The films are prepared according to the customer's request, in the required shape.
  • Standard thickness of the film are available in winding or in individual formats: 1,250 mm, 1,550 mm and 1,800 mm
  • Film length in a whole coil: 20, 30 or 50 meters
  • Film length in individual formats: 3,250 mm
  • Film thickness: 0.3 mm
  • Colours of films: milk, grey or black

Technical specification:

Specification for PDLC glass – thickness 7,5 – 25,5 mm ( float glass and milk PDLC foil )
Light transmission of glazing ON82,6 %
OFF63,1 %
HazeON6,3 %
OFF80 %
Viewing angleONVíce jak 150 %
UV blockingOFF98 %
Operation voltageON75V, 1A
Switching time ON to OFFON>OFFDo 2 ms
Switching time OFF to ONOFF>ONDo 10 ms
Power consumptionON5W/ m2 (sqm)
Tolerance+- 1 mm
Operating temperature 0 – 50 C
Storage temperature-40 / + 60 C
LivetimeON More than 3.000.000 switching
Color PDLC foilMilk, gray, black

Shapes glass:

  • regular shapes
  • triangles
  • circular design
  • rounded corners
  • irregular shapes with one or more beveled edges
  • with the holes in the glass surface
  • with the notches on the handle and hinges
  • special shapes

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